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Collages on Canvas


A collage created by Collages On Canvas is not just a collection of photographs stuck into rectangular spaces. It is a creative and individual work of art made from your special photographs that gives you, and others, a feeling of your journey through life.

At Collages On Canvas, when we receive your uploaded photographs, our team of experts will look at all your photographs and enhance any of them that need improving. This can include improving the focus, the colour, the brightness and contrast. We do this to balance the look of the collage, nobody wants too bright a photograph alongside too dark a photograph.

Our next stage is to set out a canvas to your required size and orientation. Expertly, we remove the the backgrounds of your photographs. This is so we can create a unique collage that concentrates the attention of the viewer on the thing that really matters the most.....the important people in your life.


We Turn These

Into This

Our team takes a lot of time and uses their creative skills, to fit these memories together in a beautiful way that amazes our clients.
Once we have completed our artwork with your photographs, we will e-mail you a low resolution copy of your collage. When we receive your approval to go ahead, we will print it onto a high quality canvas and dispatch it to you within 10 working days. Your collage will arrive professionally packed to protect it. So just sit back and relax and wait for your amazing collage to arrive. We know you, and your family and friends, will love it.

How Easy Is It?

1.) Choose your canvas 2.) Upload your photo's  3.) Our creative experts work their magic 4.) We send you an email for approval to print 5.) Sit back & relax while we print & deliver your collage on canvas

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